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RISE RAPID DUCT SEALThe RISE RAPID Duct Seal was introduced specifically for use within the UK onshore construction market utilising the rubber technologies of Beele Engineering's NOFIRNO penetration sealing system. The RISE RAPID system is a multi-cable and pipe transit sealing system designed specifically for cable ducts and building entries, delivering proven technology and the highest levels of lifetime sealing performance. It provides an effective and simple solution protecting against flood and gas ingress. It consists of only two components: NOFIRNO sealant, a high quality silicone based sealant and NOFIRNO rubber multi sleeves. These joined sleeves make the system even quicker and easier to install than the standard RISE Duct Seal system.

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RISE RAPID Product Benefits

  • Ensures DSEAR gastight compliance even in heavily filled cable ducts
  • Quick ad easy to install in both horizontal & vertical ducts. Multi-sleeves make packing free space even easier.
  • Easy re-entry for adding, removing or replacing cables
  • Ensures ATEX & WIMES compliance
  • Can seals ducts in some running water conditions when using our SLIPSIL Waterstop or Aquastop system
  • Tested to prove no deterioration in performance for more than 50 years
  • Provides long term support to cables
  • No frame required and can be installed in any sized or shaped opening
  • Resistant to Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide and Chlorine
  • Resistant to submersion in petrol, diesel and transformer oils
  • Suitable for trefoil and large power cables
  • Provents rodent ingress
  • Provides flood protection - tested from front and back of seal








Using the RISE RAPID version of our duct seal system makes installation faster and even easier. The innovative NOFIRNO multi sleeves are supplied in bonded strips of 10 sleeves to make sleeving the cables and packing the free space in a cable duct even easier than the standard RISE Duct seals. The bonded sleeves can be easily torn off for filling smaller gaps and with our cutting tool sleeves can be quickly slit to allow fitting around cables. Completing the seal with a 20mm layer of NOFIRNO sealant will provide a technically advanced and high performing duct seal. The simple to follow installation instructions can be viewed by clicking here.

Gas and water tight

The elasticity and high bonding strength of NOFIRNO sealant offers a flexible seal, which resists movement, shock and vibration, as well as high pressure. The RISE NOFIRNO multi sleeves ensure cable separation and are used to pack the free space and provide a backing for the application of the sealant. The completed duct seal will prevent the migration of dangerous gases and provide flood protection for more than 50 years. The system has been independently tested and proven to provide a pressure resistant seal up to 2.5 bar.

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...multi sleeves make packing the cable duct faster, especially in larger cable ducts or when sealing trefoil or large power cables. We will be using the RISE RAPID Duct seal on our future projects.
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